Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome to!

If you've been following any of my other blogs (see side panel on the right), you probably know two things about me: (1) I often go AWOL from blogging, for months at a time, and (2) I love deep (and respectful) theological discussions. Over the years, I've expressed my personal views on various points of doctrine on my three blogs, in comments on others' blogs, and on various discussion forums. I even started writing a book, Holy Christian Living, but ultimately put the project on the back burner (story of my life!).

Well, now I felt it was the right time to compile all those thoughts (along with some new ones) on a single blog.

So why "Pure Salvation", you ask? This new blog's title has a double-meaning. The first addresses the countless rules and doctrines we see in today's Christian denominations. Some say you can't be saved unless you're baptized. Others say you have to worship on Saturday. The one down the road says men have to wear collared shirts and the women ankle-length skirts. As a Church, we've strayed away from Jesus' pure gospel message, by adding our own stipulations and shunning our brothers and sisters who refuse to comply. So, part of my mission here is to scrape away man's shoddy paint-job over God's perfectly complete plan of salvation.

The other meaning behind the title is the purity to which God has called His children. Though many of you may not agree that this is possible, I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit empowers us to live free from sin, while still in our mortal shells. I will delve deeply into this in the coming months, and I'm sure it will spark many fruitful discussions.

At first, I plan to post on whatever topics come to mind or I feel most heavily on my heart to share, but as I go, I will attempt to re-arrange them in a more logical order.  Topics will include God's grace vs. man's own works, freedom vs. legalism, how Jesus changed our relationship to God, and critical scriptural studies.


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